Tattoo Aftercare


 The life of your tattoo is dependent upon the care it receives. Keep the tattoo covered with the dressing for at least 2 hour (max 5), unless otherwise stated.

 After this time remove the tissue. Proceed to wet the area down with COLD water, NOT  HOT or even WARM water. Once the tattoo is exposed, wash thoroughly with water and possibly an anti bacterial soap, (but DO NOT SCRUB). Remove surface blood and rinse it off, dab dry with a tissue. At this point pat lightly to dry. With clean hands apply a thin layer of cream, a minimum of 4 to 5 times a day for 10 days or until scrubs are gone.

DO NOT touch your new tattoo without washing your hands before.

DO NOT apply alcohol. 

DO NOT rub or scratch the tattoo. 

DO NOT let the tattoo dry out (even if means putting aftercare Cream on more that 10 times a day).

 If a rash occurs consult doctor advice.

 The tattoo will develop a layer of dry skin; let this fall off naturally.

DO NOT pick the tattoo.

DO NOT soak in sauna or steam bath or bathtub for 2 weeks. DO NOT swim for 2 weeks or expose to direct sunlight.

DO NOT listen to your friend advice, if you have any doubt call the studio.

 We have used sterile equipment in the tattoo procedure, remember now: the tattoo is yours responsibility after you leave the studio.

The sun fades our tattoos, so if you wish to have bright colours put always a sun block on it.

 Suggested cream: Tattoo Goo® Original

Body Piercing Aftercare


We always recommend you get your piercing done by a professional.

And remember, the best price may not be the best work.

Always wash your hands with an antibacterial soap before you begin.

Never touch your piercing with unwashed hands.

Using cotton buds apply solution to the piercing, wiping away any crust or excess fluids.

Don’t use alcohol to clean your piercing. Do not over clean your piercing as this can lead to problems. Twice a day is sufficient. Over cleaning is probably the main cause of an irritated piercing. Some redness and leakage is normal but be aware of any serious looking infections. It is better to catch them early while the problem is small.

Contact your piercer if you have concerns. DO NOT take out your piercing as your piercing could close, possibly trapping infection inside.

Water and bathing

Bath water gets dirty quickly putting unwanted germs on your piercing so try to shower instead. If you insist on bathing then wash your tub with a bleach product and rinse it well before you use it.

Also avoid lakes, pools and hot tubs until your piercing is healed. Your piercing is a wound and bacteria loves wetness. Again, if you insist on getting wet then use a waterproof bandage (available at the pharmacy)

Extra tips

Check your jewelry daily to make sure all balls are still threaded tightly. Remember Wash your hands first! Don’t play with your jewelry. Let it heal. Cover your facial piercing with a cloth or your hand while spraying hair spray. Also don’t get makeup or lotions on your piercing.

Remember, keep them clean. Don’t wear tight clothes over a piercing. Clothing that rubs can aggravate your piercing. Leave your starter jewelry in for your healing time, changing your jewelry could inflame your piercing

- There is no need to twist and turn your jewelery constantly if the jewelery is titanium your skin will not grow to it.

- Moving your jewelery constantly will only result in the spreading of bacteria and cause friction for your new piercing.

Approximate Healing Time

Remember everybody is different. These time frames are only an estimation.

Ear lobe - 2-4 Weeks

Cartilage - 2-4 Months

Eyebrow - 6-8 Weeks

Nose - 2-4 Months

Septum - 6-8 Months

Lip - 2-3 Weeks

Tongue - 2-4 Weeks

Nipple - 3-6 Months Belly- 4 Months to 1 Year

Female Genitals - 1-2 Weeks

Male Genitals - 4-6 Weeks

Oral (Tongue, Lab ret, Madonna) - You will need to purchase an Non-alcoholic antibacterial Tongue Rinse.

-Rinse your mouth as much as possible. - Make sure you rinse your mouth every time you eat, drink or smoke. - Do Not play with the jewelry as you could tear your new piercing. - Your new piercing will be swollen for approximately 1-2 weeks. - Eating solid food may be uncomfortable, so try to start off by eating softer foods that don’t require as much chewing. Just until the swelling subsides. Try to avoid food that is spicy, salty or acidic for the first week. - If it is your tongue you have had pierced remember that your tongue is one of the fastest healing organs in your body, so do not remove the jewelry unless you are changing it because it will close very quickly. - In approximately 2 weeks you will be able to change your jewelry to a shorter lab ret or barbell (depending on what piercing you have) to fit more comfortably. - Remember you should treat your piercing as you would an open wound, so you might want to change your toothbrush as the old one might harbor some bacteria. - Stay away from kissing, drinking alcohol,smoking and drugs for the first 2 weeks!

You're NEVER supposed to pierce cartilage with a gun! It's blunt and breaks down scar tissue.

You're never supposed to have more than 2 fresh piercings at a time. It's so much hard to heal multiple piercings at once.

We recommend you come back once a week for the first month.